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Who is Bubble and Bee?

Baby Play Mat

My name is Sian and I became the creator of Bubble and Bee® baby play mats soon after becoming a first time mother to a very happy and lively baby. When baby Levi began to roll and wriggle, things became difficult and I couldn’t take my eyes off him even for a minute. At one moment he would be happily lying on his play mat and the next second he would be wedged between the coffee table and the couch.

So this is where my idea of soft foam bumper edges came about. I went to the local toy store and purchased four long pieces of foam, grabbed an old quilt cover and attached it all together. It worked like magic! It stopped Levi from rolling off his play mat and into danger and bumping into hard corners and wooden furniture. He had a huge space to roll, wriggle, play and explore but with a soft barrier between him and impeding danger. He was able to use this play mat area for around four months and I was able to have the peace of mind knowing that he was safe from harm. The foam edges kept him enclosed and safe but not confined or restricted. He was still able to explore his new world safely. Once Levi was able to crawl, I simply removed the edges from his play mat,
ready for the next stage in his life.


Floor Mat

I designed my range of baby play mats in a beautiful 100% cotton canvas with a soft plush layer which is completely machine washable. The dyes have been tested to ensure that the play mats do not contain harmful chemicals and are safe for soft baby skin.

I wanted to create a range of baby play mats with adorable designs, cute characters and beautiful colours. I began working with a very talented South Australian artist, Marsha Wajer. Together we created the range of charming and fun designs of Bubble and Bee baby play mats.

My Bubble and Bee play mats have been designed to capture the imagination of any age group.Together you can enjoy a journey of fun and creativity as you and your baby bond together in the beautiful worlds of Bubble and Bee.


Levi and Sian

My gorgeous little boy, Levi