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Baby Play Mats That Bring Imagination To Life

Jungle Fever Play Mat

Soft and Luxurious Play Mat

Large and Colourful Play Mat Surface to Stimulate Your Child’s Imagination

Removable, Soft Foam Edges Keep a Wriggly Baby Safe

Thick and Squishy Inner Layer to Soften Hard Floors

Do You Have an Active Baby? One Who Rolls and Wriggles Straight Off Your Play Mat and onto Hard Floors and Furniture?

The Removable Soft Foam Edges Help Keep Your Baby Safe from Hard Surfaces and within the Play Mat Surface

The edges simply attach at the back of the play mat with velcro and are super quick to attach and remove.

So when your baby starts to roll then simply attach the edges to the baby play mat.

When they show signs of crawling and exploring further then remove them and store away in the convenient play mat carry bag.

Dinosaur Dilemma Baby Play Mat

Machine Washable 100% Cotton Baby Play Mat

140 x 140cm Large Size Play Area

Beautiful Bright Colours that Encourage Play and Learning

Adorable Characters To Capture Your Child’s Imagination

Bubble and Bee® baby play mats create a safe, stimulating space for babies to giggle, play, roll and explore. Whether your baby is playing in the underground tunnels of ants, a lively jungle, or a friendly, bird filled tree, these stunning artistic pieces are designed for children with rich colours and happy details that also make a beautiful addition to any home.

The 140 x 140 cm play mat consists of 100% beautifully soft cotton material that is all natural for sensitive baby skin, but also washable for when accidents inevitably occur. The designs have been printed using safe dyes. The internal filling provides a plush layer of padding to support comfortable play. When your baby reaches the age of rolling and exploring, the attachable foam edges and 100% cotton sleeves provide a friendly barrier to keep your little one on the play mat and away from furniture and hazards. Play time is also a safe time in the magical world of Bubble and Bee.


These beautiful Australian designed play mats have enchanting designs and practical functionality to stimulate both you and your baby’s senses.

The gorgeous designs have been created by a mother, for all mothers who love to surround themselves and their children with beautiful things!

Bubble and Bee play mats can capture the imagination of any age group. Guide your child on a journey of excitement and creativity as they explore the amazing worlds of Bubble and Bee.

Take Your Play Mat Anywhere With A Convenient Carry Bag

Four Adorable Designs To Choose From

Package Option: With or Without Foam Edges

A Play Mat That Can Adapt With A Growing Child

Light Weight and Portable Play Mat

Huge Space For Baby To Roll And Explore

Great for Indoors and Outdoors

Soft Foam Edges Are A Unique Safety Feature

Here’s What Some Bubble And Bee Customers Have To Say

“A beautiful, high quality product that is perfect for my growing family.” by Amy

“The thick padded material is so soft and perfect for my baby who loves throwing himself around!” by Jess

“It’s huge, it’s soft and it goes through the wash like a gem.” by Skye

“I will definitely been recommending your products to my friends.” by Kate

“Totally in love with my bubble and bee play mat” by Sherise

“The children love the prints on it.” by Aleks

“My twins and I absolutely love this play mat. It’s big enough for both of them to practice their rolling around without getting in each other’s way and without rolling onto the main floor.” by Nyssa

“The foam edges keep him from rolling and getting stuck under the lounge.” by Sarah

“We use it inside to protect the carpet and keep all the kids ‘mess’ in one place, and we also use it outside for picnics and play time on the grass.” by Nikki

“It also has insertable foam sides which is perfect now that my daughter is rolling!” by Ebony

“I enjoy knowing I’ve spent my money on a great quality product and also supported an Australian business.” by Shannon

“It keeps him contained even though he is nearly crawling!” by Miranda

“Love our mat we take it everywhere with us!!” by Ange

$9.95 Flat Rate Shipping Across Australia and New Zealand

$50 Flat Rate World Wide

Jungle Fever Play Mat
Play Mats
* This product is designed as a play mat only. The soft foam edges help provide a barrier to help child stay on the mat. To keep the child safe, never leave them unattended while it’s in use.
Use this product only on the floor. Do not allow a child to sleep on this product or use it in cot/crib or near where a child might sleep.
Ensure the product is inspected regularly to ensure there are not any hazards to the child’s safety.